Basic Philosophy of Information Security

Expressway Toll Technologies, Inc. has been appropriately managing the information assets held by the Company based on the recognition that these are important assets. We strongly recognize that the progress of the information society brought about by daily technological innovation has increased our dependence on information security measures and that we are constantly exposed to a variety of threats. In order to ensure the safety of personal information and other important information assets, and to further solidify our relationship of trust with our customers and society, we have established the following basic principles for information security and will promote information security measures.


Information assets are defined as information handled in the course of our business activities and information systems necessary for handling information.

Scope of Application

This philosophy applies to information assets and all persons who come into contact with information assets.

Operational Structure

We will establish an operational system for information security measures, including establishing rules for information security measures and appointing a person responsible for security measures, and will continuously implement activities including maintenance and improvement.

Implementation of measures

We take appropriate physical, personnel, and technical measures to protect information assets from threats such as eavesdropping, intrusion, tampering, destruction, theft, and leakage, and to ensure their safety.


We will educate those who use our information assets on necessary information security measures to maintain and improve their awareness of information security measures.

Evaluation and review

We will regularly evaluate and review the content of the rules and regulations regarding information security measures in order to continuously improve them.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Our directors and employees comply with laws and regulations regarding information security measures.
In addition, in contracts concluded between the Company and outside business operators, compliance items regarding information security measures are clearly stated and appropriate supervision is carried out.

Responsibility of Senior Management

Management executives are responsible for ensuring the security of information assets by leading by example.
In the event of a threat to information security, they will take prompt and appropriate action to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence.

Established on September 25, 2006
Amended on October 1, 2010
Expressway Toll Technology, Inc.