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Toru Navi

TORU-Navi is a software application that searches routes and tolls from the point of origin to the point of destination on expressways.
ToruNavi also supports searches for special driving routes such as laps and detours.
It is also capable of immediately responding to the ever-diversifying toll systems.
This software is widely used by expressway-related companies and has been well received.

Receiving Operations Learning System

The Toll Collection Learning System is a learning tool that helps improve the skills of those involved in expressway toll collection online from a PC or mobile device.
In addition to simulating the experience of responding to abnormalities and troubles, the system also provides a variety of learning opportunities, such as learning how to operate equipment. The tool can also be used as an in-house training tool, as it allows users to manage their level of understanding and learning progress.

Customer Service

automatic teller machine

Automatic change dispensers are products that automatically calculate and dispense the amount of change when accounting for tolls.
Because there is no need for staff to calculate the change, it eliminates money stress due to miscalculations and other mishaps.

simple fare adjustment machine

Simplified Toll Payment Machines are products that allow non-ETC customers to pay tolls.
Cash settlement can be performed without staff having to rush to the lane.

Multilingual User Information System for Automatic Toll Collection Machines

The automated toll collection machine multilingual user information system is a product that provides information in English, Korean, Chinese (simplified), and Portuguese for foreign residents in Japan and inbound customers regarding the operation of lane machines.
The system also provides support for hearing-impaired customers.

safety measure

safe boy

Safety Boy is a product that alerts the user to danger with an alarm sound when the control material collapses.
It can be easily attached to road cones for work area regulation.


Magnetic key plate type access control system

An entry/exit control system using a magnetic key plate can be installed on the door.
Only the registered key plate can open the door, preventing outsiders from entering. A record of the key plate opening is stored in the log for access control.


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