Health Declaration

Declaration of Health

Expressway Toll Technology, Inc. will promote health initiatives to realize our action guidelines: “We will harmonize work and life to realize a healthy and prosperous way of working and living” and “We will value communication and diverse values to create a comfortable working environment for everyone.

June 23, 2023
President and Representative Director
Makoto Arakawa

[Fostering a work environment that enhances work engagement]

Development of health care programs that maintain, promote, and improve health
Providing company subsidies for events that promote communication within the workplace
Conduct health seminars based on age and functional qualifications
Promoting improvement of the workplace environment by utilizing the results of stress check group analysis
Conducting “training focused on women’s health” for all employees
Tracking of overtime work and use of annual leave through a work management system

[Promotion of measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases]

Unified management of employee health information through a health management system and provided an environment where employees can access their health information at any time
Maintain 100% implementation rate and 100% consultation rate for statutory health checkups
Implement follow-up measures based on the results of health checkups as determined by industrial physicians
Conduct individual health interview once a year for all employees
Provide health information at least once a month via the Web, etc.
Utilize health data in the health management system.
Utilize health data in the health management system and implement measures to improve employee health issues
Collaborate with health insurance societies on specific health checkups, specific health guidance, etc.

[Promotion of mental health measures]

Implementation of 80-question stress check
Interviews by industrial physicians and public health nurses based on individual stress check results
Implementation of group analysis of stress checks
Implementation of mental health self-care and mental health line care training
Support for reinstatement of employees who are absent from work or on leave due to mental health problems