Greetings from the President

Human Network of Technology and Trust

Roads are an important asset for the people of Japan, as they are the social infrastructure that supports the country's industry, economy, culture, and daily life. Toll fees paid by customers cover construction, maintenance, and management costs. Toll collection systems that accurately and reliably charge tolls can be said to be an important system that forms the foundation of toll roads.

Since our establishment in 1966, we have been striving to become a leading toll collection system support company, focusing on the maintenance of toll collection systems for toll roads. As various social infrastructures are aging and the importance of maintenance is being called for, we have been improving our maintenance technology as a company that maintains toll collection systems on its own, without relying on manufacturers, and we are also making daily efforts to acquire new technology.

As the world advances in science and technology, advanced information technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and various efforts are being made on roads to create an ITS (Intelligent Transport System) that integrates people, roads, and vehicles into a single system to solve problems such as traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and environmental degradation. Toll collection systems have also been upgraded in various ways, and ETC systems using wireless communications have become widespread, with the data from these communications being incorporated into the toll collection system to provide accurate and prompt customer service. It is an important mission of our company, which handles toll collection systems, to take all possible measures to utilize and preserve the data and to operate the systems properly.

To keep up with these cutting-edge developments, we have been involved in the construction of new systems by utilizing our accumulated maintenance technologies, and from June 2022, we will be involved in planning, system development and operation related to toll management in the NEXCO Group, From June 2022, the NEXCO Group will be in charge of the overall toll collection system, including planning, system development and operation, and the provision of common ETC-related services. Furthermore, the law was revised in 2023 to allow tolls to be collected for up to 2115 years in order to secure the financial resources required for the functional preservation and evolution of expressways. Our company's role in overall operations related to tolls has also become even more important.

In addition, we are actively engaged in construction work around toll booths and system solutions. We will continue to strongly demonstrate our comprehensive strength as a specialized toll organization within the NEXCO Group and further refine our services to expressway customers, while expanding our "human network of technology and trust" by always remembering the "advanced technology and creativity" and "spirit of challenge" of our management philosophy. We will continue to take on new challenges to contribute to the development of expressways not only in Japan but around the world, and to make a broad contribution to society.

Expressway Toll Technology, Inc.